the secret lives of humans.
i am kiera. i'm all of eighteen and stuck in
winnipeg. i write, i read, i love, and
i do questionably stupid things.
i fiend for tattoos and piercings.
music is simply amazing and i
enjoi photography quite a bit.
talk to me, i like it.
the secret lives of humans.
Pearl Jam - Better Man
newest piercing

When she comes home from a long day at school, having a bad day, been told off or sad… She cuddles her best friend

a child should never be denied this. this is perfection.
four of my sixteen piercings.
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This is JASON FYLES and he goes to my university (Newcastle University, North East of England) He is 19 years old, 5’8, ginger hair and slim. He was last seen in the Sandyford area at 2:45am on Thursday morning and has not been seen since. He was wearing a blue shirt, grey cardigan, beige chinos and brown ankle boots. Everyone in uni is so worried about him along with his family and friends. We are coming together as a university to appeal for his safe return. It is thought that he lost his friends on the night out and tried to make his way back by himself. Please, I am begging for you to REBLOG THIS, even if you don’t live in Newcastle, or England. Every REBLOG means that someone else will see his face, they will know who we are looking for, and your followers could be the one to know his whereabouts. Stay safe Jason, we’re looking for you. THIS WILL NOT RUIN YOUR BLOG! 
Local news report

PLEASE. Nobody reblogged my own post on this which I posted an hour or so ago so I’m wondering if nobody will now. This guy is my friend. If I have ever sent you a nice ask or reblogged something of yours and it made you happy for a second (or even if I haven’t; this is about helping him, not doing me a favour) for God’s sake just help now, help to find my friend Jason. You want me to make him human to you?
Once we all grew beans in pots as part of a Biology experiment- the experiment failed miserably and made the whole lab stink, but his was the only bean that grew and he was actually pretty proud about it
He learned to knit as part of a school project where he had to learn a creative skill, and when a couple of people teased him about it he said “gender is a social construct” and carried on knitting like a badass
He loves the scene in The Great Gatsby where Gatsby throws all his silk shirts around and he and I used to giggle over it together
Once I asked him if he had a string of tinsel I could use in a photoshoot and he brought me a big cardboard box full of tinsel and fairy lights because he’s a helpful and lovely guy
He’s HUMAN and he needs our HELP and just PLEASE PLEASE FUCKING REBLOG THIS??? He’s been missing for four days now- when he went missing he would have been wearing his contact lenses and he won’t have had his (very thick) glasses with him so by now he’ll have had to take his contacts out and throw them away and he won’t be able to see well and oh God just please signal boost this
I’ll love you forever



what the fuck is that thing

that’s a satchel, or “man purse”


actually, it’s a ‘European carryall,’ as my dad angrily explained two years ago when I asked why he was carrying a purse.